Got a crush? Not sure what to do about it? We’ve all been there. Thanks to our friends at the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence who graciously granted permission for us to use their series, we’re featuring the full cycle of dating – in a healthier way. Just in case you missed our tips about “Making a Move”, here is a summary of Week 1.

Tip 1:

Thinking about making a move on someone you like? Remember that It’s not just about what you want in a relationship. Relationships are about partnership, both people need to be involved & on the same page. It takes two to tango!

Tip 2:

Pace yourself. Don’t rush into anything, ESPECIALLY if you aren’t ready. If someone really likes you, they should be willing to wait. Slow your roll. And if they’re not willing to wait, they can move on to someone who moves at a pace they feel comfortable with. It doesn’t mean you need to change what you’re comfortable with to suit them.

Tip 3:

Take an interest. You have to take time to actually learn about a person. What if they love cats and you’re a dog person, is that a deal breaker for you? How would you ever know if you don’t get to know them first?

Tip 4:

Don’t be a creep…remember boundaries! Staring, stalking, just ‘showing up’ all time = creepy. Knowing your own boundaries is important just as it is to respect others boundaries as well.

Tip 5:

Be Yourself! You want someone to like you for you. What if you say you LOVE sushi because they do then they take you on a fancy date to a sushi restaurant … AWKWARD. Don’t lie, just be yourself.

Tip 6:

Take things slow. You’re trying to get this person to feel comfortable around you. If you start airing all your dirty laundry & get too intense, you might scare them away. Be honest & be yourself BUT keep it light & breezy for a while. Be cool.

Check out our Blog next time for Week 2: Asking [Someone] Out