Mosaic Program for Healthy Sexual Behaviours

We’re glad that you found us. If you’re here, you may have questions or concerns about your child’s sexual behavior or development, or your child may have been impacted by another child’s concerning sexual behavior. This can feel worrying and overwhelming for caregivers, and we are here to help. You are not alone.

This page includes some information and resources about problematic sexual behaviour in children and youth as well as information about the Mosaic Treatment Program for Healthy Sexual Behavior at the SAiF Society.

You can find more information about sexual development and problematic sexual behaviors in children and youth here.

You can find resources for caregivers on how to talk to children/youth and safety plan here.

The Mosaic Program:

The Mosaic Program for Healthy Sexual Behaviors is a 19-week outpatient group treatment program for youth aged 7-14 who have engaged in problematic sexual behaviors. The goal of the program is to support families to eliminate problematic sexual behaviors, increase prosocial behaviors and support caregivers to reduce stress and enrich parenting skills. Participation of at least one caregiver is required for families to be eligible for the Mosaic program. Consent from all guardians of the child/youth is required to access services.

For families to be able to participate in the Mosaic program, any investigations by children’s services must be complete. For youth aged 12-14, we require confirmation that any law enforcement investigations have been completed before families can begin the program.

How do I access supports?

The Mosaic program has a number of partner agencies in the St. Albert, Edmonton and surrounding areas that can provide direct referrals to our program. If you are a service provider looking to refer a family, please contact us for more information.

Families can also call us at 780-460-2195 for more information and to self-refer for services.

What to Expect:

To understand whether the Mosaic group program will be a fit for a particular family, families will be asked to participate in an intake assessment. The intake includes interviews with the child/youth and a caregiver/parent, as well as the completion of some screening questionnaires.  After the intake, families will be provided with resources and treatment recommendations.

If the group program is a match for a family’s needs, the family will be provided with details about the group dates and times. Currently, the Mosaic group program takes place at the SAiF Society in St. Albert.

If you have further questions, or are interested in accessing services, please contact us at the Mosaic Program 780-460-2195

If you need immediate help, please contact the Children’s Services Intervention Line 24/7 at 1-800-387-5437 or your local police agency.

More information for parents/caregivers can be found at The National Centre for Sexual Behavior in Youth