About SAiF

In our critical role as skilled and compassionate clinicians, counsellors and educators, we work to set things right for willing individuals, families and groups, be they survivors or perpetrators, to help address the previous, current or imminent impacts of family violence. As community health advocates, we strive to promote awareness and learning, relevant partnerships and referrals, social agency collaboration, and the early prevention of abuse in its many forms. We endeavour to break the well-entrenched cycles of social stigma and discrimination, political and judicial barriers, and the deep-rooted effects of cultural bias and multi-generational trauma.

Since 1989, we at the Stop Abuse in Families (SAiF) Society have prided ourselves on being an essential and adaptable, solutions-focused non-profit organization that provides free, trauma-informed care through individualized planning and counselling services, a richness of therapeutic and educational programs, and ongoing professional and emotional support to residents of St. Albert, Sturgeon County, Parkland County, and surrounding rural areas.

We are an inclusive, non-judgmental and discreet first step for people of all ages, races, genders, orientations, abilities circumstance who otherwise would not know where to turn in the face of family violence, and we remain steadfast in our determination to break the silence, empower voices, and help create safe spaces for growth and connection, healing, and lasting change.

We’re here to lift spirits, alter mindsets, and strengthen communities.

We’re here to help make you SAiF.

Our Purpose

To promote healthy, respectful relationships through education, support, and advocacy.

Our Vision

Working towards a society free of abuse.

Our Values

We believe each individual has dignity, is unique, and deserves respect. Each individual shall live without fear of physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, financial, cultural, or spiritual abuse.

We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, disability, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, or other characteristics that people may define for themselves.

Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of local community members invested in SAiF’s programs and success. They provide governance, oversight, and strategic direction to the organization. A dedicated group, they serve 2- and 3-year terms and meet year-round.

Our Board

Thomas Holmes, Chair
Registered Psychologist

Lynne Rosychuk, Vice-Chair
Founder, The Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation

Shafia Khan, Secretary
Operations Manager


Tammie Lubemsky

Melissa St. Denis
Social Worker

Amanda MacDonald
Child and Youth Development Specialist

John Carle

​If you are interested in applying to become a board member, review our posting here.

Our Team is a passionate group of clinicians (psychologists, counsellors, and social workers) and administrators working tirelessly to ensure SAiF’s programs are structured to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients within our resources. We work to the ethics and standards as outlined by the Canadian Association of Psychologists for our clinical work.

Our Team

Mark Dixon, Executive Director

​Clinical Supervisor​

Adult Counsellor

Adult Counsellor

Adult Counsellor

Child/Youth Counsellor

Elders’ Resources Coordinator

WiseGuyz Facilitator

Education Facilitator

Tanya, Admin Support and Volunteer Coordinator

Debits & Credits, Bookkeeping Services

Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions here.

We also have multiple volunteer opportunities available in order to expand the impact of our work and help us achieve our mission. Volunteers play a critical role. Whether supporting fundraising, events, administration, or other needed tasks, they are intrinsic to our work.
To learn more about Board or Team roles and how to apply, view our available positions.

Our Definition of Family Violence

Family Violence describes a pattern of abusive behaviours within any relationship that is characterized by intimacy, dependency and/or trust. This abuse can take many forms, including physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, financial, spiritual and/or cultural, and more.

These abusive behaviours are employed to either induce, gain, or maintain power, control, and/or to instil fear. All forms of abusive behaviour are ways in which one human being is trying to have control and/or exploit or have power over another.

We define family violence and bullying from a distilled understanding of gender-based violence and the agencies we work with in the sector of family violence including CIAFV and Sagesse. Because we also serve those impacted by bullying, our definitions are inclusive of all the terms above.

In July 2020, our Founder, Ireen Slater, gave her voice to share SAiF’s humble beginnings in the late 1980’s, the rewards and challenges of working with families dealing with violence and abuse, and our effect on the community over the past 30 years.

We encourage you to view this short video, for this is our work, this is our impact, and this is Ireen’s legacy.

Ways to Give

Our counselling programs are funded almost entirely by donors and charitable partners like you.

Your generous donation can make a meaningful difference. Together, we can create a brighter and more hopeful future for our community.

Questions? Feel free to call our Executive Director, Mark Dixon,
at 780-460-2195 ext 306 or email mark@saifsociety.ca.