So, you now know how to make a move but now it’s time to ask them out! Our friends at @WSCADV made this image to help you out! #LoveLikeThis

Tip 1: Be Confident. It’s scary asking someone out! I mean, what if they say no? Even if you’re a nervous wreck, act confident! Instantly, you will come across more attractive. Fake it ‘til you make it!

Tip 2: Play it cool. You don’t want to confuse confidence with aggression. If you come off as too aggressive, you take away their security & comfort. The person you’re asking out will probably respond with a no. Chill out & relax when poppin’ the question.

Tip 3: Be Prepared… for rejection. Rejection sucks, nobody likes being rejected. BUT it’s important to be ready just in case & respond respectfully. You will probably feel sad & disappointed, that’s completely normal. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Tip 4: No means No. If someone says no, don’t try to force it. Hollywood has trained us to believe if someone says no, they are just playing hard to get and really mean yes so keep trying… Uh what? How does that even make any sense? No means no, people!

Tip 5: Let them down easy. If someone just asked you out & you aren’t interested, be kind when saying no. It took courage for someone to ask you out! Don’t be mean, that person is probably already hurt by the rejection, so easy on them.

Tip 6: Set boundaries. Everyone should have boundaries when it comes to any relationship. As the person being rejected, don’t allow the person you asked to be mean or rude to you. As the person who was asked out, don’t allow the individual who is doing the asking to continue to harass you. For everyone, if someone isn’t respecting your boundaries either confront them or ask for help.

Check back next time for Week 3: Keeping in Touch