Because we’re not a shelter, people often ask us what it is that we do.

And we often explain that to access the bulk of shelter services, you need to leave an abusive partner. Many people dealing with abuse can’t leave or choose not to leave for many complex reasons. And for those who have already left, there is still a lot of pain and trauma that they need to deal with. If you’re a minor, you may not have an option to leave. If you’ve been the victim of abuse and then subsequently become the perpetrator of abuse because you never learned how to have a healthy relationship, a shelter will unlikely have any services available for you.

What we do never requires you to leave. We respect your choices. We will never shame or judge you. We’re here to provide support, advocacy and education to end the cycles of abuse. And for that, we don’t require you to leave. That’s always your decision to make.

This is what we do. This is how. This is why. This is our impact.