Week 6 in the #LoveLikeThis series is all about breaking up – the end of our relationship journey. Not every relationship is going to last forever, which is okay! It’s important to know how to break up & how to be broken up with respectfully. You cared for this person (you probably still do) so we want to make sure we aren’t hurting that person anymore then necessary. Let’s learn how to break up and move on.

Tip 1: Stay Calm. When someone is breaking up with you, it can be tough to process. Remember, it is never okay to lash out with anger at someone. It’s okay to be frustrated, sad, or even angry BUT we can’t act on these intense emotions. Staying calm is necessary for everyone’s safety & to make the moving on process easier too.

Tip 2: Take the time & space you need. We all overcome tough times differently. Do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself. #Selfcare If that means listening to music, going to the gym, playing sports, hanging out with friends, crying while watching The Notebook – Whatever you need! (As long as it’s not harmful to others or self-destructive.) This is a time of healing & self-reflection – you don’t want to break yourself down but build yourself up instead!

Tip 3: Avoid the drama. Nobody likes drama. It isn’t okay to seek revenge on your ex-partner or go around gossiping about them. Whatever the circumstances of your break up are, don’t let bad feelings drag you (or them) down.

Tip 4: Be respectful. It’s totally normal to not want to talk or hang around an ex. You get to decide if you want to be friends or not. BUT chances are you might see them around from time to time. Make sure you stay respectful and civil when you do.

Tip 5: Acceptance. This step can be pretty hard sometimes. When a relationship ends, you might not always agree with the reasoning (btw a relationship can end for any reason). BUT it’s important to figure out a way to accept the situation. We can’t force people to be with us & it’s not fair (for either side) to try to change their mind. Focus on yourself during this time & do things you enjoy. The acceptance piece becomes easier with time.

Tip 6: Moving On. We all heal & move on at our own pace. Unfortunately, that means there isn’t a rule that says in exactly 2 weeks you won’t be heartbroken and you will find your next partner. It’s completely up to you to decide when you’re ready to start dating again. Spend this time working on yourself & reflecting what you want in your next relationship. What were some of the great things with your ex-partner? What were some things that you didn’t like as much? You get to create the relationship you want & you deserve it.

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