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SAiF's Family Counselling Program

We know that families face many challenges and stressors from the world around us. If you think you may need a little support from an outside, trained therapist to help your family build or recover healthy relationships, this may be the program for you. 

Unlike our other counselling programs, there is a flat fee of $100/session. However, to learn more, complete a pre-assessment over the phone, or go through the intake process is completely FREE. We want to make sure this is the right service for what you and your family and that family members feel safe through the process. 


Navigating ever-changing family dynamics alone can sometimes feel overwhelming. Add other problems such as divorce, separation, trauma, abuse, and more can make finding peace within your family seem impossible. We focus on healthy communication, healthy relationships, and healthy coping skills to address relationship dynamic issues. We understand and acknowledge that families come in all shapes and sizes, so if your family includes other primary caregivers than the typical mom/dad model, that's okay. We may still be able to help. 


If you are interested in learning more, give us a call to sign up for a phone consult to learn if the program may be what you're looking for. If you would like to proceed from there, you may be booked for a pre-intake which lasts about 1/2 hour over the phone. 

We do NOT offer parental assessments, family re-unification, or couples' therapy. 

Please note: not everyone may be ready for our counselling programs. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911. If you are struggling with significant mental health issues such as disordered eating, addictions, or active suicidality, we will want to ensure that you have the appropriate supports in place in order to achieve a level of stability in order to benefit  from the counselling we offer. Sometimes, if basic needs like housing, food insecurity, or legal needs are overwhelming, we will want to support you with meeting those needs before embarking on the counselling process.

If you are looking for immediate resources, please check out the Info & Resources tab. 

We accept referrals from other organizations, medical professionals as well as individuals calling on behalf of themselves or a loved one. 

"When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary."  - Mr. Rogers

Consult - What Do I Need?

Just want to ask some questions about family counselling or how all our counselling programs might work together to support your family's needs? Then book a free phone consult - 10-15 minutes - with a clinician to help you sort what you want/need.


We can book you for a pre-intake for family counselling, or navigate you to more appropriate services  for your situation. It's a good place to start if you're unsure about what program might be right for you.


Family Counselling - 1st Step

A pre-intake assessment is a 1/2 hour phone call booked with an adult member of the family to learn more about your situation, expectations you may have around family counselling, current issues you are hoping to find support in resolving, & to learn about any safety concerns. From there, our family counsellor will let you know next steps. There are some issues that may not be appropriate for our services. 

There is no cost for this call.


Family Counselling - Intake


There is no cost for this session.

We do not accept
walk ins

With a small team, we are simply not staffed to meet the needs of drop in clients. Please call or email to make an appointment with an intake worker. Thank you.

Appointments to access our services

The best and most direct way to access our services is to call or email us. We do require informed consent which we share with you during our intake process. 

Who can we offer services to?

We serve residents of St Albert, Sturgeon County, Parkland County & the surrounding areas. At this time, we are not able to provide counselling services to Edmonton , Spruce Grove, & Stony Plain residents.

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