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#MythsInRelationships: Boundaries & Gender Roles 

We’re Talkin’ Boundaries

This week we are going to talk about common myths about #boundaries in #relationships. We’ll chat about real life examples & how to implement healthy #boundaries. Share ur ideas too!

What Are Boundaries Anyway 

#Boundaries are rules we put in place to protect ourselves. Everyone has different boundaries. Do you have an example of a #healthy boundary?

Myth: U can't love me if u have boundaries

While boundaries get perceived as a negative, they r at the foundation of any #relationship. Having a boundary tells people how to love you. Don't let others guilt u into dropping ur boundaries.

Truth: Boundaries Teach People How to Love You.

It's up to u to tell others what u need from them. Figure out what u NEED from ur relationships & clearly communicate them. It's ur partner's responsibility to listen & to communicate theirs as well.

Myth: We must spend all of our time together!

Truth: Many people aren’t aware that our time also needs to have #boundaries.

It is important to set time for yourself and for your friends.

Myth: I don't need 2 respect boundaries.

Truth: #Boundaries r tailored 2 r own experiences/needs.

We may think we don’t need to respect differing boundaries b/c we don’t understand someone else’s.

Recapping this week, boundaries are the meat & potatoes of all #relationships. They communicate our needs & tell people how we want to be treated. You get to draw your own line of what’s okay & not okay.

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