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Boundaries and Gender Roles 

1. Myths_IntroBoundaries_Monday.png

Day 1: Boundaries

We’re Talkin’ Boundaries

This week we are going to talk about common myths about #boundaries in #relationships. We’ll chat about real life examples and how to implement healthy #boundaries. Share your ideas too!

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Day 2: Boundaries

What Are Boundaries Anyway? 

#Boundaries are rules we put in place to protect ourselves. Everyone has different boundaries. Do you have an example of a #healthy boundary?

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Day 3: Boundaries

Myth: U can't love me if u have boundaries

While boundaries get perceived as a negative, they r at the foundation of any #relationship. Having a boundary tells people how to love you. Don't let others guilt u into dropping ur boundaries.

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Day 4: Boundaries

Truth: Boundaries Teach People How to Love You.

It's up to you to tell others what you need from them. Figure out what you NEED from your relationships and clearly communicate them. It's your partner's responsibility to listen and to communicate theirs as well.

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Day 5: Boundaries

Myth: We must spend all of our time together!

Truth: Many people aren’t aware that our time also needs to have #boundaries.

It is important to set time for yourself and for your friends.

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Day 6: Boundaries

Myth: I don't need 2 respect boundaries.

Truth: #Boundaries are tailored to your own experiences/needs.

We may think we don’t need to respect differing boundaries becasue we don’t understand someone else’s.

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Day 7: Boundaries

Recapping this week, boundaries are the meat & potatoes of all #relationships. They communicate our needs and tell people how we want to be treated. You get to draw your own line of what’s okay and not okay.

1. Myths_IntroGenderRoles_Monday.png

Day 1: Gender Roles

Talkin’ Gender Roles

This week we are talking about stereotypical #gender roles and how they impact our #relationships. Do you have any examples you’d like us to talk about? Join the conversation and comment if you'd like.


Day 2: Gender Roles

What are gender roles? Traditional gender roles are society’s expectation of how we should dress, talk and act based on gender. We decided to talk about these roles because many of them are actually toxic and enforce unhealthy #behaviours within relationships.


Day 3: Gender Roles

Myth: "I wear the pants in this relationship."

Have you heard this before? See why this may be be toxic thinking? A #relationship means each of u feels connected, respected & valued. If 1 partner is trying 2 control everything, it isn’t #healthy


Day 4: Gender Roles

Myth: They should always pay!

Having your partner pay for every movie, dinner, slurpee, whatever – isn’t a healthy expectation to set. A #relationship is a partnership where #boundaries, #communication and compromise are the foundation.


Day 5: Gender Roles

Myth "Emotions show weakness"
Truth: Emotions make us human. 

We all have #emotions and they arise in all #relationships, which is good! If we try to avoid/hide our emotions, it’s unhealthy and will have a negative impact on who we love.


Day 6: Gender Roles

Myth: There can only be one ‘breadwinner’ in this relationship!
Truth: That’s soo 1950s.

Why would we want our partner to not be successful? If we feel jealousy or resentment towards our partner for their successes, we need to reflect on why that is.


Day 7: Gender Roles

Recapping this week: gender roles are dated and harmful in your #relationships. They can set unhealthy expectations. Only you and your partner can decide the rules of your relationship.

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