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SAIF 2022 Annual General Meeting (new date!)

The SAiF 2022 AGM is re-scheduled for Thursday May 12 @ 5 pm. We'll be hosting this year's meeting virtually (via zoom). The full meeting package will be made available below as the agenda, report & draft statements become available. 

You can register to attend the meeting online (below) or call Tanya at 780.460.2195 ext 301 and she can get you registered over the phone. If you already registered for the April date, you'll be sent an email with the revised info. Please don't register again. 


To be a member in good standing & eligible to vote, you will need to have purchased or renewed your membership. Membership is $5 & runs from April 1 - March 31 of each year. 

Register for the 2022 SAiF AGM Online:
registration is now closed. 

Once we receive your registration, you'll receive an email

confirmation with a Zoom link. 

Buy/Renew Your Membership for 2022/23:
registration is now closed.

Once we receive your membership request, we'll call you to arrange payment. 

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